Riitan Herkku – Brand Documentary

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“Pitää luottaa itseensä, olla rehellinen myös, ja sillä pääse pitkälle – You need to have trust in yourself, be honest. It’s going to take you far.” – Riitta Gustafsson CLIENT Riitan HerkkuPRODUCTION Studio Skaala WRITTEN, PRODUCED, DIRECTED & EDITED Christian WengerDOP Julius KoivistoinenGAFFER Mauri HaapalaBOOM OPERATOR & SOUND DESIGN Aki SilventoinenMAKE-UP ARTIST Anna VesterbackCOLORIST Sarrah

Vaisala – Hardware Testing


Some may call this extreme testing. But for us, it is an opportunity to test beyond our promise. Because we believe that it is key to deliver what you expect from us. CLIENT Vaisala PRODUCTION Studio Skaala WRITTEN, PRODUCED & DIRECTED Christian Wenger DOP David Jakob PHANTOM OPERATOR Mikko Granberg GAFFER Santeri Siirtonen SET BUILDER

Nanso – Crowdfunding Film


“I’ve always been inspired by the way our employees respect our long history and our Finnish roots, but also constantly seek to develop and improve the work they do.” – Antti Rönkkö CLIENT Nanso GroupART DIRECTOR Heidi Wenger (Nanso Group)PRODUCTION Studio Skaala SCRIPT CONSULTATION, PRODUCTION & DIRECTION Christian WengerDOP David JakobGAFFER Santeri SiirtonenBOOM OPERATOR I

Toyota MH Finland – Recruitment Film


Haasta itsesi joka päivä – Challenge yourself every day All of our content is oriented towards a specific goal. It also needs to drive engagement through various channels, which needs to be crystal clear throughout the production process. Chris’s lean-approach to quality content supports our way of thinking. – Jens Rantanen (Marketing Manager, Toyota MH

Knotte – Kickstarter Video


agency Galton Voysey ( client Knotte ( Script David O’Weger director CHRISTIAN WENGER dop David Jakob stylist MINNA LILJA set builder EINARI SAARINEN gaffer SANTERI SIIRTONEN boom operator / sound design AKI SILVENTOINEN make-up Meghna Mukherjee post production TONI KAUPPILA production assistant LOTTARINNA ESKELINEN

Integrify – Help us create the future


Integrify – Help us create the future The client approached us to help create an inspiring and thought-provoking brand video, enabling them to share their wonderful story on how they plan to integrate refugees and immigrants into society by teaching them coding. production STUDIO SKAALA creative concept, script/screenplay & edit CHRISTIAN WENGER camera TONI KAUPPILA

Henkilökohtainen telinetoimittajasi (KAS)


“Motivated people are and will always be your biggest competitive advantage!” Client: KAS-TELINEET Year: 2016 Language: Finnish / English Responsibilities: Concept & Script, Copy, Production, Editing CREW DoP: Toni Kauppila (Koukkufilms) Gimbal operator & drone pilot: Karri Kolmonen (K3ilmakuvaus) Make-up: Laura Diez

Great Things (OikoSofy)


“Great things happen because we want to” Project description: Inspirational video for one of the thought leaders in agile product development. Oikosofy approached me to create a thought provoking and inspiring video to be used in their workshops and keynotes all around the globe. Client: OikoSofy ( Year: 2016 Language: English Responsibility: Concept & Script,

Every Second Counts (Tuxera)


“Your brand isn’t your products or services, it’s what people experience when they use them” Description: Inspirational brand film for one of the fastest growing software companies in the EMEA region, helping them to humanize their brand and bring them closer to the billions of people powering their devices with their ground breaking software. Client:

Monday (Microsoft)


Description: Engaging video for Microsoft Finland helping them to promote their modern workplace and new ways to work to customers, partners and employees. Client: Microsoft Finland Year: 2015 Language: Finnish, English Responsibility: Concept/Story, Screenplay, Production, Directing