I am a Helsinki based freelance creative producer and director helping brands and media companies to shape ideas and create meaningful videos and films that move people and have lasting impact on business.

I am a positive and creative thinker with a strong marketing background and passion for technology. In over two decades in technology-driven environments, I have never lost the spark, my drive for exploring new ways of doing things and the value of working as part of a great team of people. I’m a storyteller by heart. My rare blend of being very artistic, yet being business minded with a structured approach, allows me to channel ideas, and together with people do things that stand out from the crowd.

For me creating value is all about merging the emotional and logical, discovering purpose in what you do and strengthen that with a result-driven mindset. I call it VALUE-DRIVEN CREATIVITY.

I want to enable you to dare, by providing you creative solutions that leverage data and technology, to not only reach screens, but win over hearts and minds.