I am a Helsinki based freelance creative producer and director on a mission to create human experiences that not only reach screens, but win over hearts and minds.

  • Tom Salomonson (Asuntosäätiö)

    Työskentely Chrisin kanssa oli inspiroivaa ja hän avasi itselleni uusia näkökulmia totuttujen asioiden ilmaisuun. Chrisillä on laaja ymmärrys brändin rakentamisesta ja tämä käy heti ensihetkestä ilmi. Erityisesti hänen syvällinen ymmärryksensä brändin imagon ja loppuasiakkaan kokemuksen välillä teki vaikutuksen. Tämä olikin sparrauksemme tärkein anti. Työskentelyssä hän lähestyi asioita aina johdonmukaisesti loppuasiakkaan näkökulmasta. Chris osaa esittää oikeita kysymyksiä, kuunnella sekä haastaa vanhoja käsityksiä. Voin lämpimästi suositella työskentelyä Chrisin kanssa. Poistuin jokaisesta sparraustuokiosta energisenä ja täynnä uusia ideoita.

    Tom Salomonson (Asuntosäätiö)
  • Karolina Romakkaniemi-Alhonen (Toyota MH Finland)

    Working with Chris is easy, he knows exactly what to do and when to do it. If something isn’t working, he has ten new ideas how to proceed. He is very precise and realistic when he is working, which I really appreciate. Chris is a true professional, who comes up with amazing ideas. The outcome of our videos has been outstanding.

    Karolina Romakkaniemi-Alhonen (Toyota MH Finland)
  • Vasco Duarte (Oikosofy)

    It was great to work with Chris. We had lunch, discussed the ideas for a Brand video and he really got the picture of what we were trying to create. After that he took over the creative process and gave us a draft idea very quickly and even created the basic vehicle for the message that eventually became the script for the Brand video. Chris really took this project to heart and delivered a great result which we used and got plenty of good feedback on.

    Vasco Duarte (Oikosofy)
  • Mikko Välimäki (Tuxera)

    We hired Chris to help us create Tuxera’s first-ever brand video. He provided ideas, project leadership and hands-on creative wizardy from scripting to shooting to editing and post-processing to make the video reality. Absolutely flexible and easygoing guy to work with.

    Mikko Välimäki (Tuxera)
  • Sini Nelimarkka (Microsoft)

    I worked with Chris during the Microsoft “Kohtaamispaikka” video production which he planned and directed. He was very pleasant to work with – a true professional with great organizing skills and lots of creative views. He took all our wishes and ideas into account and carried them out very professionally. I gladly recommend Chris in any kind of video project and would work with him again if possible!

    Sini Nelimarkka (Microsoft)
  • Albert Åkerman (Humblestorm)

    Chris is awesome! He is a true cineast. I’ve never worked with a person that cares about details the way Chris does, either its sound, visuals, scenography or directing. I recommend working with Chris any day!


    Albert Åkerman (Humblestorm)